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Mainline Corridor Coaches
  1. Sprung bogies
  2. Fitted seating and corridors
  3. Fitted interior lighting suitable for use with any other make.
  4. Lighting by state of the art SMD ( Surface Mount Device ) technology.
  5. 6 wheeled bogies for the Diners and Sleepers.
  6. Working Table lamps with shades In the Diners.
  7. Suitable for 2 and 3 rail operation (2-R pick ups available separately)
  8. Free running wheels for optimal smooth running.
  9. Suitable for radius down to 2ft ( 0 – 48 )
  10. Window ventilators punched out.
  11. Research and design by Charlie Connor, Vijay Kumar and Chris Reeve
This will be the begining of an exaustive range of mainline corridor stock covering many designs from the 1923 Grouping to British Railways. Many different types of coach are represented in a wide variety of liveries, including standard 1st and 3rd Class to specific-purpose vehicles like Diners, Sleepers and Full Brakes and supplied in convenient sets enabling realistic train formations to be built up
Following liveries will be available initially
Click the liveries below for more details
LMS Period I BR Carmine & Cream ( Ex LMS I )
LMS Period II BR Maroon ( Ex LMS II )
GWR BR Carmine & Cream ( Ex GWR )
SR Maunsell - Olive Green BR Carmine & Cream ( Ex SR Maunsell )
SR Bulleid - Malachite Greeen BR Green ( Ex SR Bulleid )
LNER Gresley BR Gresley
LNER Thompson  

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