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Darstaed 6 Wheeled Coaches
• 22cm bodies based on 32ft prototypes
• Carefully researched liveries
• Each Compartment glazed and lit
• Printed Curtains on 1st class
• Interior seating with advertising panels
• Working tail lamp
• Teak liveries with prototypical brown bases

The introduction of 6-wheeled coaches in the 1880s, including those fitted with James Cleminson's patented system, provided such significant improvements over the old rough-riding four-wheelers (smoother ride,longer chassis allowing greater capacity, the first provision of lavatories etc) that they became the first main-line coaches suitable for express travel; a very important step in railway development.Although bogie coaches followed fairly quickly, the use of 6-wheelers (ex-mainline and purpose-built suburban stock) was still widespread well into the 1920s and '30s, mixed trains of bogie and 6-wheel stock being quite common practice and many of the full brakes survived even longer providing additional luggage and parcels space and in the departmental role.

The Darstaed models incorporate features typically found on many 6-wheelers,  including authentic representations of liveries, construction details and appropriate roof variations.The five-compartment 3rd-Class and four-compartment 1st-Class layouts and central luggage compartment in Composites were common features of many 6-wheel designs. Inclusion of the Cleminson system allows for running on smaller radius curves down to 2ft.Interiors and lighting are provided for your passengers' comfort and convenience (gas cylinders or battery boxes & dynamos as appropriate) and a working tail light for safety. 

The rakes of four coaches, plus the optional Full Brakes, make complete and interesting trains ideally suited to the smaller layout; Full brakes available separately for £59

6W Set Flat Roof 6W Set CL Roof 6W Full Brake
* Price Excl. P&P    
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