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The 2-6-2 Tank
*  At least 20 livery variations
*  Powerful mechanism - all axles driven
*  Mabuchi motors with gear box
*  Working headlamps
*  Will run on all radii down to 2FT
This locomotive will be issued in approx. twenty railway company liveries  and will be accompanied by matching sets of 5 Non-Corridor coaches. Some liveries like the black LNER, LMS and SR will also be made with coloured wheels in limited numbers. Certain liveries will have chimneys, domes & safety valves appropriate to that particular Railway Company.
The 262T will be available in 3-Rail only and will be especially suitable for operation on 2 Ft radius tubular tinplate and all other coarse scale track. The 262T features an ON-OFF switch to enable the engine to remain stationary with the headlights lit on live track, also particularly useful when standing in a non-isolated siding or loop. The switch is operated by a lever protruding from the cab. IN = Stop, OUT = Go.
* Price Including VAT, Excl. P&P  
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