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The Iconic 3F 'Jinty' tank loco
*  At least 25 livery variations
*  Realistic 'scale' satin finish 
*  Powerful mechanism - all axles driven
*  Mabuchi motors with gear box
*  Working headlamps
*  Sprung buffers
*  Will run on all radii down to 2FT
*  AC/DC Switchable for USA

Introduced in 1924, the LMS standard class 3F tank loco ('Jinty' to enthusiasts, 'Jocko' to enginemen), was Sir Henry Fowler's development of Johnson's Midland Railway 1900 class 'heavy goods' tank engines of 1899 (themselves based on an 1868 design); they lasted until the end of steam on BR; 422 being built by 6 different makers in 15 batches up to 1931. Used for everything from shunting, station pilot and banking duties to goods and passenger workings, equally popular with crews and enthusiasts alike, they were versatile, reliable and aesthetically pleasing locos. Fortunately, nine survive today on seven preserved railways - and yet, until now, no manufacturer has seen fit to mass produce a ready-to-run coarse-scale O Gauge model - at Darstaed we thought it was high time that situation be redressed!The many livery variations we will be producing are not exhaustive but represent the varied career of this splendid loco - plus one or two just for fun." WW II versions are under consideration, including those that went to France.
* Price Including VAT, Excl. P&P  
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