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The  57XX  Pannier  Tank
*  At least 10 livery variations with
   different running numbers for each
*  Realistic satin finish 
*  Powerful Mechanism - all axles driven
*  Custom made Mabuchi motor with gear box
*  Sprung buffers & Brake pipe
*  Will run on all radii down to 2FT
*  Isolating ON - OFF  &  REVERSE Switch

Few GWR or BR Western Region scenes are complete without a Pannier tank; over 2000 of various types of this popular loco were built (or converted from earlier saddle tanks); the most numerous at 863 being the 57XX series of which the Darstaed model represents the earlier-cab version. 13 of these were later sold to London Transport to become the last standard gauge steam locos in non-industrial service 
in Great Britain, two years after the official end of steam on BR. Several were also given extended but hard lives in industrial use and thankfully 23 Panniers survive in preservation, 16 being of the 57XX class (of which 6 are ex-LT) and continue to prove as invaluable to today's heritage railways as they were to their original owners.
* Price Including VAT, Excl. P&P  
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